Rocket Hound
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Arkwatch Holdings LLC commissioned Veteran Disney Animators Kenny Thompkins and James Gallego for animation artwork.

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Rocket Hound: A Race for Freedom
Authors: Erik Daniels Shein & Melissa Davis
Screenplay: Erik Daniel Shein & Karen Fuller
Hardback ISBN: 9781629897011
Paperback ISBN: 9781629897028
eBook ISBN: 9781629897035
Genre: Middle Grade/Animated/True Animal Stories
Release Date 11/06/2017

Oaktree Farm is a sanctuary for animals that need new homes. From the billowy white sheep, all the way down to the tiny little chicks, Farmer Hubbard has a respect for all animal lives. Rocket, a greyhound, and the former racing dog has made Oaktree his home after several years on the racing circuit. He loves his home and the friends he has made along the way. He is happy in retirement until new pups make their way to the farm.

Cody and Taz are completely infatuated with racing. The chocolate lab and Australian shepherd are always racing along the pasture fences pretending to be all
time famous racers who they call ‘Rocket Hounds’ after the famous racer Rocket. At first, they have no idea that the greyhound at Oaktree is the infamous racer. The retired racehorse on the farm also puts ideas in their heads.

When the pups sneak off to find the race track, Rocket has no other choice but to follow after them. After he finds himself back at the track, he must run the race of his life to bring the pups back home safely and save the other retired greyhounds from a gruesome fate. Can one old dog bring them all home?

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